Coins and Tokens

60 BC -
Secret Ballot: Roman coin which bears reference to a new method of jury voting that established a form of 'secret ballot' known as the Lex Cassia Tabellaria introduced by L. Cassius Longinus Ravilla

1649 - Medals to commemorate the acquittal of Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburne

Other 17th Century Medals

1794 -
Conder Tokens marking the acquittal of the defendants in the 1794 Treason Trials

1823 - Grand Jury:
Chartist Demands

1837 -
Guatemala Republica: El Pueblo Juez [The People Judge]; Juicio Por Jurados [Trial by Jury]

UK Documents

1649 -
The Triall, of Lieut. Collonell John Lilburne

1681 -
List of the three Grand Juries that returned BILLS Ignoramus against Stephen College, John Rouse and the Earl of Shaftsbury

1794 - Original copy of
The Times of London newspaper reporting on the trial of John Horne Tooke (November 20, 1794)

1794 -
Printed Silk Souvenir Following the Treason Trials

1797 - A
Map of the Hundreds of Downhamford, Bridge and Petham and the City of Canterbury

1811 -
Antique print of Colonel John LILBURNE

1828 -
Admittance ticket to the Grand Jury Room, Signed Sheriff Langmead, Devon.

1865 - Receipts for expenses paid to a Grand Jury Bailiff and witnesses at the Liverpool Summer Assizes

Indictment hearing into an allegation of bigamy
Indictment hearing into an allegation of
Indictment hearing into an allegation of
Indictment hearing into an allegation of
intent to murder
Indictment hearing into an allegation of
causally recruiting a child under 10 years of age
Indictment hearing into an allegation of

1886 -
Summons to serve on the Petty Jury. Signed Fred Marriott, Bailiff, Nottingham.

1909 -
Summons to serve on the Grand Jury. Signed Arthur Fownes Somerville Esq. Sheriff of Somerset.

1930 -
Summons form to serve on the Petit Jury at the Central Criminal Court in the Old Bailey, London.

1938 -
Summons form to serve as a Special Juror at the Assizes. Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey.

1942 -
Summons to serve on the Petty Jury. Lewes, Sussex.

1956 -
Notification under the Juries Act 1922 and Electoral Register Act 1949.

USA Documents

1783 -
Request for the County of Bristol, MA to choose Grand and Petit Jurors.

1805 -
Request for the County of Bristol, MA to choose Grand and Petit Jurors.

1828 -
Rough List of Grand Jurors

1852 -
True Bill found by the Grand Jurors of Switzerland County, State of Indiana.

1862 -
True Bill indicting Emanuel Loveland for treason. State of Maryland.

1863 -
Notification to serve on a Grand Jury. Bradford Co. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

1871 -
Command to the Sheriff to summon Grand Jurors. Court of Common Pleas, Lake County, The State of Ohio.

1872 -
Letter to the Foreman of the Grand Jury. Location unspecified.

1883 -
Order for Jury to View Road. County of Milan, State of Texas.

1889 -
Grand Jury Report. Circuit Court, County of Josephine, State of Oregon.

1897 -
Order to allow payment of Two Dollars for services and attendance as a Juror for the trial of Felonies.
Brooke County, West Virginia.

Photograph of
The Last Grand Jury in the Cherokee Nation, USA (c.1900)

1918 -
Swearing in of Jury Commissioners. County of Lycoming, State of Pennsylvania.


Irish Silver Spoon engraved with 'Meath Grand Jury' (1828)

Irish Provincial Silver Claret Label engraved with 'Louth Grand Jury'

Irish Silver Fiddle Fork engraved with 'County Antrim Grand Jury' (1800 - 1849)

County Antrim Grand Jury
Comports (19th century)

County Antrim Grand Jury
Platter and Plates (19th century)

Photograph of the Last Grand Jury for Fiscal Purposes - County Cork, Ireland (1899)

Antique American Pre-Civil War Wooden Jury Box

Vintage Wood Heritage Gavel - 209th Grand Jury, USA

Grand Jury Badge - San Francisco, Ca. USA (1923-1924)

Grand Jury Patch - Co. of Harris, State of Texas, USA

Bolo Tie - Orange County Grand Jury

Matchbook Cover - Anne Daugherty Jury Commissioner Election

Engraving of the history of