Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburne

Commonwealth era medal produced in 1649 to commemorate the acquittal of Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburne,
charged with High Treason for libel against the Cromwellian administration

John Lilborne saved by the power of the Lord
and the integrity of his jury who are judges of law as well as fact

Oct 26 1649

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Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburne

AE medal for the Trial and Acquittal of John Lilburne
at the Guildhall, London
26 October 1649

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Draped bust of John Lilburne

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October 26 1649
Family arms in shield

An oval copper plated lead medal. These medals were attributed to Simon by Vertue. However later studies show that these medals were almost certainly the first major work of David Ramage, incorporating as they do punches for symbols also used on Ramage’s trade tokens. This would have been a private commission, probably sponsored by Lilburne himself (cf. DNW 160, 411). It is thought that this medal may have been double struck from rusty dies.